Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today was my 27th birthday. It was nice. I got up, drank some coffee, then got ready to go fishing. My mom called me and sang me Happy Birthday, and then my two nieces sang me Happy Birthday also; although, Cora said I looked like a monkey and smelled like one too. I chuckled.

I went to Lake Ovid. I've never been there before. It was a lot bigger than I expected. I talked politics and technology with my bud Travis. I caught a few gills, and I was totally out-fishing Travis, but then he caught a six pound catfish. Technically I caught more fish than him, but nothing close to the size of that. We were there until 6:30. On the way home, a truck with a trailer was passing me, and the trailer's ramp fell off and almost hit me. It was crazy.

I came home to find Anna had made me a birthday cake. It had candles on it and everything. I can't remember the last time I had to blow out candles. I got them all in one blow! The cake said, "My Geek, Happy Birthday!" She knows how to make me smile.

Now I'm going to relax.


  1. Okay, when I went to post that, it made me type in the letters I saw and it was something about paraplegic and there was a little picture of a person in a wheelchair.

  2. holy crap, that one was "cripledy" - what's wrong with you people?!