Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Batman Returns

I would have to say that the vast majority of my numerous (cough, cough, five, cough) readers do not follow comics, so I'll keep this brief.

Batman 687 hit the shelves today. For those not it the know, Bruce is dead (sort of - stupid DC), and Dick Grayson (the first Robin/Nightwing) is filling in for the Detective (permanently?). That's right boys and girls, Robin/Nightwing is Batman. How did this happen? Let me explain.

Batman died, I cried, Dick said no, Jason said yes, Tim said if not Dick then me, Jason beat Tim, Dick got mad, Dick beat Jason, and then Tim quit.

Good. You're all caught up.

So does Dick have enough guts to warrant a utility belt to hold up the tights? So far, I would say yes. I only have two complaints:
  1. This book came out after Batman and Robin. This book should have definitely came out first. Read Batman and Robin #1 after this one. It will make more sense.
  2. This book showed the "Battle for the Cowl" better than any book in the Battle for the Cowl story arc, but it's not part of the Battle for the Cowl story arc. I'm glad I read Battle for the Cowl, but this book is what I wanted Battle for the Cowl to be.
That's right! My complaints are not about this book at all. Go read it!


  1. Right on! I totally agree. This book was an excellent read, and I love Ed Benes's art on the Caped Crusader. This is a great jumping on point for new comic fans so I'm going to encourage all to pick this one up if you're at all Bat-curious.

  2. I totally thought that said "Battle for the Cow", which would be awesome.