Monday, June 15, 2009

Vader is Now Receiving 87 Channels

Or perhaps a more nerdy title, The Rebels Have Won.

Vader was chasing rabbits in the back yard. I'm sure she was only trying to introduce herself to her fuzzy neighbors, but she got a little too excited. She jumped up on a fence and *squeamish readers go to next paragraph* ripped off one of her toe nails.

So she has to wear this funnel on her head until Saturday. Poor, ridiculous looking dog :(

It's OK to laugh -- we have, both out of hilarity and pity. She can't tell where she's going or how much space her facial region takes up know, so she runs into a lot of things and managed to get herself stuck on a corner of the wall.

Now that you're all incredibly sad, here is a less embarrassing picture of Vader:


  1. I can only hope the other dogs don't make fun of her too much.

    Side note, nice comic boxes!

  2. ah, the cone of shame.